Carl offers music lessons for Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo (5-string and Tenor). He also offers Music Theory and Jazz Theory lessons to vocalists and other instrumentalists.
Weekly, bi-weekly and casual lessons are available. In-home lessons are also available with lesson times ranging from a half-hour to one full hour. To see Carl’s schedule please click here. In-home lesson rates vary depending on location. Please e-mail for rates.

Carl’s approach to teaching focuses on tapping in to why the student decides to pick up their instrument in the first place. In lessons you will work on songs that you actually listen to and Carl will build exercises and drills to help you achieve your goals. Carl will also aim to teach you how to recognize shortcomings in your playing and help you come up with your own methods to improve.

All of the lessons will encompass general theory, techniques specific to your instrument and will cover basic songwriting and song structures.